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Sessions are run on a continuous weekly basis at a re-occuring session time booked in and held for you.

If you miss a session, with adequate notice you may be able to do a make up session within a 6 month period however your package will still be due for renewal on the original end date.

Semi Private

Up to 4 people each working on your own personal program with the instructor.

$187.50 - 5 week session package 

($37.50 per session)


$375  - 10 week session package
($30 per session)

Pilates Studio

Private & Duet Sessions

One-on-one sessions, 50-55 minutes in duration. sole use of the studio during your private session.


$80  - initial assessment

$400 - 5 sessions
$800 - 10 sessions

Duet sessions, 50-55 minutes in duration booked in as a pair. The studio will booked out specifically and only for your use.

$45 - per session per person

$225 - per person 5 session/week package

$450 - per person, 10 session/week package

What to wear & bring

Comfortable clothing that allows you to move with ease and safety is suitable especially when working on the equipment. Fitted exercise wear is common or track pants and a tee are fine. The better your instructor can see how your body is moving the more feedback they can give you.


Gather long hair together  but in a postition that is comfortable when you are laying on your back. If you have them please wear non slip socks or 'toe socks'  otherwise bare feet (regular socks are a slip hazard and shouldn't be worn) and bring your own towel. And don't forget water bottle to re-hydrate!

Non Attendance

If you are not able to attend a session please contact us 12 hours before the session so we can offer a make-up session to someone else during that time. The appointment times in the semi-private sessions are held on a re-occuring basis for the individual client. As such weekly sessions are paid for in advance and can't be held over to the following week. We are however happy to offer to make up the session time for you by arrangement.   

EXTENDED LEAVE: If you need to take a break for an extended period of time and would like to suspend your payments please speak with us. We will be able to arrange for your appointment time to be available to others whilst you are away and be available to you upon your return.


School Holidays

The regular Ellipsis Pilates sessions run with the NSW school terms. Your payment of sessions will be suspended if they fall during school holidays when you are not attending any sessions. Most often we will run a modified timetable of appointments for those who don't want to take a break. 

Pilates Etiquette

Ensure appropriate clothing is worn during your sessions for your own comfort, those around you and the instructor.

Please ensure clean and dry socks and clothing is worn to your session.

Please arrive at your session time. We are currently not able to provide a waiting area for a number of people due to group gathering restrictions during Covid.

When you have finished your workout please clean down the equipment you have been using before moving onto another piece of apparatus. All the equipment is sanitised between clients to ensure health and safety standards are met.

Please switch your phone to silent during your session.

If you are unwell and may be contagious (especially when it's cold and flu season) please call and book a make-up class.

Don't forget your deodorant- Pilates can be sweaty work!

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