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As Joseph Pilates said; "You will feel better in 10 sessions, look better in twenty sessions, and have a completely new body in thirty sessions"


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Ellipsis Pilates and Wellbeing specialises in In Studio Clinical Pilates. Specialising in small personalized semi-private and private equipment based Pilates designed specifically for the client, we are proud of our affordable price structure as we understand that getting fit and healthy can be expensive.

Bookings for Pilates are by appointment in an air conditioned, ground level studio using both equipment and mat based exercises. 

We are happy to be a child friendly centre so if you need to bring your children to your session please enquire as to how we can help make your session enjoyable.

You can also book a private session via zoom if you would like to work with Danielle but can't make it into the studio. For Zoom appointments please Email or DM on Facebook or Instagram.

Call to book a place for In Studio sessions Mob: 0405 733 966

Clinical & Rehabilitation​

What can Clinical Pilates help?

Clinical Pilates is Pilates that is specifically used for rehabilitation from conditions such as low back pain, overuse injuries, neurological conditions, hypermobility conditions, sports injury, recovery following surgery or a condition such as Scoliosis, osteoporosis or Muscular Dystrophy. Pilates is low impact and ideal for facilitating the stabilization of different muscle groups, training them to support movement.

Incorporating stabilization training, neural mobilisation, supported load effects on pathology and injuries as well as bio-mechanics, the use of Clinical Pilates to treat not only lower back pain but all other types of injuries is becoming increasingly common. 

The initial emphasis is on learning how to control the body’s deep stabilising muscles, which exist around each joint. With improved 'core stability', postural pain can be reduced or eliminated and efficiency of movement maintained.

Clinical Pilates is designed to return the client to optimum function in their own environment this could be the home, office or elite sporting level. 

​Pregnancy & Post Natal

Specialised Pregnancy Pilates classes are a safe workout for both mum and bub and are appropriate for all stages of pregnancy. 

Regardless of how your baby is delivered, pregnancy puts a great deal of strain on the pelvic girdle and pelvic floor and your Pilates program will help to strengthen and support these areas.  

If you have been doing pregnancy pilates with us you can start doing your specialised recovery exercises as soon as you feel up to it. The tiniest of exercises will make the biggest impact at this stage and gentle care needs to be taken. All post natal clients can commence a post-natal specific program in the studio after the 6 week check-up.

Included in your post natal program will be pelvic floor and pelvic girdle strengthening and stabilisation exercises and we will asses your rectus abdominis for diastis (where the six pack muscle separates) to ensure appropriate exercises are given at the right stages.

Upper body and upper back conditioning is also included to ensure the sudden change in posture and weight distribution post birth are considered. Not to mention strengthening of the arms and postural support- that tiny baby is going to get heavy!!

Sport, Conditioning & Fitness

Pilates is the key to achieving athletic excellence; it can perfect your performance in every sport and help you sharpen agility, boost strength, coordination and endurance, and prevent injury.

You can learn how to isolate muscles and increase movement efficiency while emphasizing core stability in a program designed specifically for you considering your chosen sport.
It is also great for general fitness and gives a whole body workout. It will increase your mobility and flexibility and with concentration on breathing and movement you can learn to release tension from your body. 

Many clients love to use their Pilates sessions to complement their other fitness activities to stretch and balance out their bodies and for core fitness and control.

Our Pilates Sessions

Sessions are semi-private (up to 4 clients in the room working on their own individual program) and run for 50  minutes. To get started you fill out a health questionnaire so your program can begin to be built before your first session, if any questions arise from the health questionnaire Danielle will call you and she may look at doing an initial assessment which takes about an hour-an hour. Most clients can commence in the semi-private session without a private consultation. This is because your program will constantly be modified to suit your changing needs as you gain strength and mobility and for any new goals that may arise!  

If you are are referred by a specialist you will have a private initial session where you will have an assessment, discuss what your want to get out of your sessions and from there a personalised program will be designed for you. During the initial you will also learn how to use the equipment and some of the Pilates basics to get you started. 

We believe that after 5 sessions you will be able to notice the difference and decide if Pilates is right for you.

FREEDOM FROM PAIN You can book either the 5 week package or 10 week package. Once you have booked into a session that position is held for you on a re-occuring basis. If you have done semi-private or private Pilates sessions with an instructor previously and know how to use the equipment and are primarily attending for fitness/conditioning you are able to waive the initial assessment and jump straight into a program.

Please contact us with any enquiries and to get started. Mob 0405 733 966

What to wear & bring

If wearing looser shorts, compression shorts or similar are required to be worn underneath for modesty. These are available for both men and women. Comfortable clothing that allows you to move with ease and safety is suitable especially when working on the equipment. Fitted exercise wear is common or track pants and a tee are fine. The better your instructor can see how your body is moving the more feedback they can give you.


Gather long hair together  but in a postition that is comfortable when you are laying on your back. If you have them please wear non slip socks or 'toe socks'  otherwise bare feet (regular socks are a slip hazard and shouldn't be worn) and bring your own towel. And don't forget water bottle to re-hydrate!

Non Attendance

If you are not able to attend a session please contact us 12 hours before the session so we can offer a make-up session to someone else during that time. The appointment times in the semi-private sessions are held on a re-occuring basis for the individual client. As such weekly sessions are paid for in advance and can't be held over to the following week. We are however happy to offer to make up the session time for you by arrangement.   

EXTENDED LEAVE: If you need to take a break for an extended period of time and would like to suspend your payments please speak with us. We will be able to arrange for your appointment time to be available to others whilst you are away and be available to you upon your return.


School Holidays

The regular Ellipsis Pilates sessions run with the NSW school terms. Your payment of sessions will be suspended if they fall during school holidays when you are not attending any sessions. Most often we will run a modified timetable of appointments for those who don't want to take a break. 

Pilates Etiquette

Ensure appropriate clothing is worn during your sessions for your own comfort, those around you and the instructor.

Please ensure clean and dry socks and clothing is worn to your session.

Please arrive at your session time. We are currently not able to provide a waiting area for a number of people due to group gathering restrictions during Covid.

When you have finished your workout please clean down the equipment you have been using before moving onto another piece of apparatus. All the equipment is sanitised between clients to ensure health and safety standards are met.

Please switch your phone to silent during your session.

If you are unwell and may be contagious (especially when it's cold and flu season) please call and book a make-up class.

Don't forget your deodorant- Pilates can be sweaty work!

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