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Get To Know Us

Ellipsis Pilates and Wellbeing is a place to find resources and support for your Body and Mind. Both body and mind go hand in hand in whole body health and wellbeing. You can work with Danielle in the Studio in Semi-Private Clinical Pilates sessions where you  have your session specifically designed and personalised to suit you and your body's needs.

Why Pilates?

Pilates is a form of exercise which works the whole body. The emphasis is on balanced development, through a combination of core strength, flexibility, and body awareness, mindfulness and breathwork. It enhances efficient movement, general health and well being. Aiming to help create a balance of mind and body.

One of the best things about Pilates is that it is adaptable to suit a wide range of people.Those with neurological or medical conditions, anxiety, back pain, Athletes, Dancers, Seniors. Women rebounding from pregnancy, Rehabilitation. Pilates can help everyone!

Major benefits of pilates include:

  • reducing aches and pains

  • reduce anxiety and tension

  • becoming stronger, longer and leaner

  • and more able to do anything with grace and ease.


All exercises are developed with modifications, to make the workouts safe and challenging for people at any level.

Personalised, Boutique Pilates, Movement and Wellness that's Affordable

Meet Danielle



Danielle is the person behind Ellipsis Pilates and Wellbeing. She is a Pilates Therapist, Teacher and Wellbeing Coach who's special interest is in the intrinsic nature of the Mind body Connection. Both the body and mind affect the way we experience mobility, pain, fitness and overall wellbeing and health. Danielle's movement classes are based on Contemporary Pilates following the most up-to-date science based practice to strengthen and stretch the body by focusing on functional movement, building muscle tone, stamina and the fundamental Pilates Principals of: Control Concentration Centring Breath Co-ordination Flow Precision Alignment She incorporates Mindful Wellbeing into her Practise specifically in Anxiety and Trauma informed Wellness. Offering Meditation, Breath-Work, Relaxation Techniques, Mindfulness, Journalling resources, as well as on line courses and live workshops, classes and retreats. In her early years as a professional Ballet, Contemporary and Commercial Dancer she got to experience many styles of movement and strengthening modalities including Pilates, Yoga, Flexibility Training, specific dance and functional movement techniques and quickly realised how Pilates can enhance sport first hand, reducing the chance of injury and shortening rehabilitation time. Finishing dancing professionally she attained the world recognised RAD teaching certificate. After having children and having a hyper-mobile condition, Danielle experienced debilitating pelvic girdle instability, lower back and hip pain and at the referral of an orthopaedic surgeon, physiotherapist and Osteopath she was drawn back to Pilates. After retraining and strengthening her body with Pilates she found her pain drastically reduced and she was able to enjoy and participate in activities she hadn't been able to do in years! This led her to gaining her accreditation as a Pilates instructor through the APMA - Australia's most widely recognised governing Pilates body. With 20 years experience in human movement, Danielle's expertise lay in correction and attention to detail, which is at the core of the Pilates method. Having trained in clinical rehabilitation Pilates Danielle enjoys working with a variety of clients and has a special interest in neurological conditions and back pain, she loves helping her clients find their way to pain free movement and getting back into the things they love doing most in life. Danielle is uniquely aware of musculoskeletal issues and has many years of training and experience in working with sport extension and rehabilitation as well as pregnancy and post natal clients. She is currently studying counselling to further her skills in helping those who suffer from anxiety, stress and trauma and believes a combined approach to both the Body and Mind is the best way to relieve symptoms of modern day stress and body issues. Working on both fronts for the best outcome for our whole body and wellbeing.


Clinical Pilates for rehabilitation, back pain and other conditions to help you find freedom from pain.

Pregnancy Yoga


Specialised Pregnancy Pilates classes are a safe workout for both mum and bub.



Pilates is the key to achieving athletic excellence; in every sport.

Book an Appointment!

Ellipsis Pilates and Wellbeing specialises in In Studio Clinical Pilates. Specialising in small personalized semi-private and private equipment based Pilates designed specifically for the client, we are proud of our affordable price structure as we understand that getting fit and healthy can be expensive.

Bookings for Pilates are by appointment in an air conditioned, ground level studio using both equipment and mat based exercises. 

We are happy to be a child friendly centre so if you need to bring your children to your session please enquire as to how we can help make your session enjoyable.

You can also book a private session via zoom if you would like to work with Danielle but can't make it into the studio. For Zoom appointments please Email or DM on Facebook or Instagram.

Call to book a place: 0405 733 966



After a hamstring issue that kept getting in the way of my running, Danielle had me back running without injury and pain free.

JOE - 48

My chronic pain has reduced significantly since starting Pilates with Danielle at Ellipsis. I feel more relaxed and less stressed when I’m doing sessions. I ‘m back doing all the things I love outside the studio that I thought I was going to have to give up!

DEE - 55

I feel so much stronger and can see the difference in my body shape and muscle tone! It’s an exercise I love doing so it’s never a chore.

FIONA - 34

My specialist strongly advised me to start doing Pilates to help strengthen my body, my balance and emotional well-being and as I have Parkinson’s disease he wanted me to train under the guidance of a clinically trained instructor/Pilates Therapist which is how I found Danielle. This is the best thing I have found that really helps my life.


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